Keeping a Pinky Swear promise to help kids with cancer through every transaction!


Mitch Chepokas was 9-years old when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Cancer. While he was in the hospital he heard the family next to him upset and arguing about the funds they had available for Christmas that year. Mitch didn’t think this was right so Mitch turned to his Dad and said, “How much money do I have in my savings account?” His Dad Steve replied, “Buddy, you have about $6,000.” When the opportunity arose, Mitch and his Dad went to the bank and Mitch decided to take the $6,000 out of his savings account. He brought the money home, divided it up into envelopes writing, “XOXO Mitch” on each envelope. The following day Mitch went back to the hospital for more treatment and to give those envelopes to every child with cancer at the hospital. Mitch had so much fun with this that he told his Dad that he wanted to do it again next year. Unfortunately, Mitch’s prognosis was not great at the time. Instead, Mitch than asked his Dad to Pinky Swear Promise to keep helping kids with cancer and their families after he was gone. Mitch passed away in April of 2003 but that is when the Pinky Swear Foundation was started.


The Pinky Swear Foundation strives to ease the financial and emotional burden on families that have a child with cancer. They help pay for a mortgage payment, rent payment, utility bill, transportation, food and much more through their Envelope Program. They also help families that have a child with cancer through their Pinky Swear Pantry and All Star Weekend Programs.


You can learn more about Pinky Swear Foundation here.